Graduate Student Peer Mentor Awards

2022 Outstanding Graduate Student Peer Mentor Awards

The UC Berkeley Outstanding Graduate Student Peer Mentor Award honors Berkeley graduate and professional students who have shown an outstanding commitment to mentoring, advising, and generally supporting either undergraduate students or their fellow graduate students.

The Graduate Assembly will present four awards to selected mentors each year. Although only one nomination letter is required for a mentor to be considered for the award, we encourage nominators to reach out to others to provide supplemental letters of nomination. Read on for more details on nomination process and submit your letter through this form.  The deadline has been extended to Friday, January 28, 2022, 11:59 p.m.  Email the GA President if you have questions at

Nominee Eligibility

Any student who is currently enrolled in a graduate or professional degree program at UC Berkeley at the time of nomination is eligible to receive the award. Both full-time and part-time students can be nominated for this award. Individuals who have previously won the Graduate Student Peer Mentor Award are not eligible to be nominated. Previous nominees who have not received the award may be re-nominated.

Selection Criteria

The Graduate Student Peer Mentor Award recognizes graduate and professional students who have demonstrated excellence in mentoring and advising of either undergraduate students or other graduate student peers. The selection committee encourages nominators to focus on specific stories and situations in which the nominee demonstrated mentoring which went above and beyond the norm. Examples of nomination letter topics include:

  1. How has the nominee provided outstanding personal support and development to the nominator(s)?
  2. How has the nominee shaped and inspired the professional work of the nominator(s)?
  3. How has the nominee fostered inclusive and supportive communities in their workspaces?
  4. How has the nominee supported the advancement of the careers of the nominators(s)?

Nomination Process

Only one nomination is required for a mentor to be considered for the award. If there are multiple nomination letters, one of the nominators must indicate they are the primary nominator. The primary nominator must be a present or former Berkeley student (undergraduate or graduate). Associate nominators can include postdocs, faculty, staff, or consist of jointly written letters.

Nominators must submit their nomination through this form. The deadline has been extended to Friday, January 28, 2022, 11:59 p.m.

Previous Graduate Student Peer Mentor Awards Winners:

2021 Winners: