Types of Funding

Important Information:

  • View Funding Home for general information about the GA funding process.
  • View Obtaining Funding and Reimbursements for information on eligibility requirements, the application, and the reimbursement process.
  • View Funding Deadlines for application and reimbursement deadlines for each Funding Category.
  • Full details of the funding process are described in the 2020-2021 Funding Guide.
  • Applications for the Travel Award and Graduate Student Parent Travel Award can be found here. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the “Forms” field.
  • For any other funding questions not answered in the funding guide, please email the funding officer (
Types of Funding Awards
type of funding amount limit Purpose

Grad Meetings, Events & Resources (GMER)

Up to $500/semester (one application per semester)

Meetings, events, resources


Up to $1,500/grant (MAX of 1 grant per academic semester)

Larger projects in the areas of diversity, community service, student activism, and educational improvement grant projects.


$1,200 per semester, including $250 for OUTSIDE (non-student) professional editing services

Provides funding for student publications, including student journals and newsletters


$1,200 per funding round per student group (For food: $8.00 per graduate student and $1.00 per other attendee to a maximum of $800)

Used when funding is required outside of the normal Spring/Fall funding rounds due to special circumstances.

Travel Award


$300/ presenter

Travel funding for graduate students presenting at seminars or conferences outside of the Bay Area (both nationally and internationally).

Graduate Student Parent Travel Award

$300/ awardee

Graduate Student Parent Travel funding for graduate student parents attending seminars or conferences outside of the Bay Area (both nationally and internationally). Funds from this award may be used for conference-related travel of dependents or caregivers and/or childcare.


*Applications MUST be submitted by the deadlines outlined in the on the Funding Deadlines page. However, applicants are strongly encouraged to submit funding requests at least one month in advance of their scheduled event. The Funding Committee may consider the timeliness of their applications, including early submission, when assessing merits.